This article is the partner article for “Earning Cashback on Bets That are Already Guaranteed to Win you Money – The Icing On the Cake!” We previously discussed the use of cashback websites to boost your winnings from bookies. This article will discuss the method to ensure that you receive risk-free cash from online bookies by taking advantage of their free bets.

The basic deal is to sign up with an online bookie and deposit some funds. You can then place a bet (mostly for odds greater than 2.0), and once the transaction is completed, you will receive your free bet.

You cannot get cash just by following the above steps. Another element must be considered. This is the betting exchanges.

They are a new addition to online betting and have quickly become very popular. In short, it involves joining two bettors who are interested in betting on one outcome of an upcoming event. For example, a soccer team could beat another.

Two bettors could place a bet on soccer teams A and B. The betting exchange would be able to join them. If Peter wanted team A to beat team B and Paul wanted team A to beat team B, each would get money. Peter would play the traditional role of betting on team A winning, much like betting against the bookie. Paul, on the contrary, would be betting against the winning team A, effectively taking over the bookie role.

Laying refers to betting on an event that is unlikely to happen, such as team B winning. This is how we can guarantee we win on every free bet from an online casino – and there are many. Two bets will be required for each event. We will place a traditional and lay bet. This is how I explain it.

Now imagine Paul is just learning about matched betting. He wants to give it a try. He finds a bookie offering a free wager. Next, he reviews the terms and condition of the offer. (Very important! Always read the T&Cs). He finds out that in order to receive the free bet, he must first make a wager with his own money. After the qualifying bet has settled, he will get a second free bet of equal value.

For instance, he discovers a football match with the bookie offering odds of 3.0 to team A winning the match, while the betting exchange is offering odds at 3.1 to team A not winning (i.e. for team A losing or drawing). He then placed PS25 at the sportsbooks and laid PS24.59 at his local betting exchange. It may sound odd to lay this amount, but it will return the exact same return no matter what the outcome of the match is. It is a loss that equals PS1.64 no mater what.

This sounds like a bad place to start. Paul has just lost some money. I suggested that this was a way to win with no risk.

However, we now qualify for our free bet. Paul’s next wager will result in a much better outcome.

He places a bet on player B winning over player A at odds 5.0 at the bookie, and he gets the same odds through the betting exchange. To place the wager at the bookies, he uses the PS25 bonus bet. He determines that he needs PS20.20 to place the bet at the betting exchange, so that regardless of what happens, he will still win the same amount.

The match ends and he wins PS19.19. Take out Paul’s PS1.64 loss in qualifying for the free betting and you will have a PS17.55 risk-free profit.

Paul was happy with his PS17.55 win – especially since he had already won PS10 before placing the bet m88.

He is a regular user of cashback sites and was aware that they offer free money for clicking links to other websites. He searched for sites that would offer cashback at his regular cashback site. He clicked on a link that took him to the bookie who was offering the free wager and earned another PS10 for his two-minute effort.

Paul had placed two risk-free wagers and was able to make PS27.55. It was great that he knew no matter what outcome, he would always win money. Paul thought it was very nice to win this much money and he continued using this strategy over and over.

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