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Find Safe Music Downloads – 7 Essential Tips to Avoid Breaking the Law!

Before I get to my 7 tips, I thought it was a good idea to briefly explain why I choose to legally download music rather than illegally use file sharing sites.

The file is of high quality and you feel secure that it is legally protected. The best part is that I can rest assured that no virus is residing on my computer while I open my new music file.

I also feel more connected with the music I listen to and the artists who created it. Safe music downloads are a way to support artists and lower the price of future music downloads Fakaza.

However, I know that it can be difficult to find good, original music and that legal downloading is not an easy task.

Although I can’t stop your decision to download illegal music, I can share some personal experiences that can help you to evaluate your options and find safe downloads quickly.

1. Watch out to get safe music downloads

You should be cautious when reading this information anywhere. Also, make sure you thoroughly investigate any website that offers legal music downloads. Avoid sharing and trading music online like the plague. Although there may be some legitimate people who are sharing it, most of the content is illegal. You’ll often end up with a poor quality and slightly altered version.

These sites are popular among hackers to spread their malicious code. It can be more difficult to find safe music downloading sites than many antivirus software.

2: Make Friends With Public Domain

Let’s face facts: You’ve likely searched a lot and found very few places that provide safe music downloads or legal ways to get music for free.

While you will find older songs here and many recordings of gigs where musicians allowed fans to record performances, has a trusted search engine that allows you to search for ‘public domain’ recordings.

3 – Be a loyal fan

Nowadays, it’s rare for artists and bands – particularly those who are less well-known – to not have a website. Browse the websites of your favourite artists and record labels. You should sign up for their mailing list if you can.

Not only will you be the first to know about your favourite artist’s tour and updates, but many labels, particularly smaller labels or unsigned artists offer free, safe music downloads directly from their websites or via their mailing list.

Step 4. – Get Social

You’ll probably have heard of MySpace by now, if not already. We suggest that you get one. MySpace hosts thousands of musicians eager to share their sounds with you.

You can listen to the track for free. Many people will also be happy to give you a free track if they feel you are doing your part to help less-known artists.

MySpace’s problem is its wide selection. You can easily get lost looking for the sound you want. Make sure you are familiar with the artist names and genres before you start digging into MySpace.

Step 5- Find your Personal radio station

If you are unsure who you would like to search, you could try a Google Search for Last FM, or download Spotify. These are two examples of the websites that stream your personal music freely, and for as long as it takes.

Find a favorite artist, then download their music at a very low price. You’ll be able to rest assured that your music is safe and you will also be supporting a great artist.

6 – Offline Promotions – Secure Music Downloads

Keep an eye out for offers and promotions in the offline realm that involve free music. Large brands are known to give away iTunes credits and many other companies give codes and download link to those who participate in promotions. This allows you to download more secure music.

7 – Locate the ‘Hidden Treasures’ of Legal Music Online Download Sites

As I said, it’s difficult to find high quality legal and free music downloads. It’s also hard to find affordable music download sites that provide safe downloads. Do some research and look for sites that work directly with artists. You’ll know that you are getting original, high-quality, unaltered music and the artists will get something in return for their efforts to make the music you love.

But how do you know you’ve found them once you are done?

Sites like this tend to only feature a few artists and take great care in their presentation and service. It will take some time before you can spot these sites easily.