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How Musicians Can Use Podcasts to Publicize Their Music

A fan base is the best way to begin your journey to success as a musician.

You must get your music out so people can listen to it and enjoy it. Although it is important to publicize your music, it can be difficult 10 years ago. However, technology has made it easy. A podcast is a new way to get your music out there. Podcasts can be a cost-effective and quick way to get your music heard by the public. This is a crucial step in your musician success.

What is a Podcast, exactly?

You might be curious about what a podcast actually is. Podcasts are audio files that are usually created as mp3 files. After the file is created, it can then be uploaded to a server using Really Simple Syndication. This audio file can contain any type of audio, such as a radio program or clips of you singing. When a podcast is uploaded to the internet it allows anyone to download the file to their computer using special software. It may be possible to listen on their computer, an mp3-player, or even their iPod. Although it sounds complicated, this is a simple way to get your music to other people.

How to Make a Podcast

You can create your podcast in a matter of minutes. Here are five steps that will help you quickly create your music podcast.

1. Make the Podcast Content – First, create the podcast’s audio content. You don’t have to use any particular platform for creating audio content. But it’s important to save the audio in the best quality possible so that you have a good copy. This is especially important if you’re dealing with music.

2. Convert to MP3: Once you have created your podcast audio content, you will need convert them to mp3 files. They are the most commonly used file type for podcasting. You will need to convert audio files to mp3 to get the best quality sound.

3. Upload the MP3 – Once you have created your MP3 file, it is time to upload it to the server. After they are uploaded, make sure to verify that they work.

4. Create the RSS File. Next, create an RSS File. This will describe your pod cast and provide a link to your mp3 files. To create the file you can use a text editor. Usually, it is best to include the name of the file, the link and a brief description.

5. Publish the file – Once the RSS file is created, transfer it to your webserver and make sure it’s validated using an RSS Validator. This can be found online. Once it is working, you can publish the RSS File.

Equipment you will need

To be able do a podcast, you need to have the correct equipment. To properly record your music, you need to first have the right equipment. This can be done with software that you purchase for your computer or by using a mixing board with an optical disc burner. To edit your music or change the level, you can use computer software. MusicMatch, a program that can convert your music to MP3 files, is also required. You will likely also need software to help you upload your RSS and MP3 files Tubidy.

You can send your entire podcast here

You can find hosts that allow you to upload podcasts to their servers if you don’t have a space to store them. You can upload your podcast to a number of directories once you are done with it. You can use many free directories to help with your publicity and get your podcasts out. You will soon have people listening to your music and, before you know it, you might have a large fan base around the world because of podcasting.